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The Art of Photography - Barnbaum, Bruce

  • The Art of Photography / € 20

  • by Barnbaum, Bruce

  • Langue : Anglais
    Année : 1999
    ISBN : 0787263168
    Pages : 233
    Format : 21,7 x 27,5 cm
    Illustrations : 43 planches en noir et blanc – 14 planches en couleur
    Assemblage : broché
    Couverture : souple et imprimée
    Etat : comme neuf
    Contenu :
    Bruce Barnbaum’s « second book, is a thorough textbook on photography, delving deeply into the technical, aesthetic, philosophical, and creative aspects of this art form. It is directed toward the serious amateur or professional seeking to make a personal statement through the medium of photography. »
    -Communication through Photography
    -What Is « Composition ? »
    -Elements of Composition
    -The Zone System of Exposure
    -The Negative and Contrast Control
    -The « Extended Zone System »
    -The Print
    -Darkroom Techniques and Artistic Integrity
    -Photographic Realism, Abstraction, and Art
    -Thoughts on Creativity
    -Toward a Personal Philosophy
    -Appendix1 : Testing Materials and Equipment
    -Appendix2 : Enlarger Light Sources

  • Kendall

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