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- Ad Windig

  • / € 25

  • by Ad Windig

  • Textes : Philip Mechanicus, Bert Schierbeek
    Langue : Anglais, Néerlandais
    Année : 1989
    Pages : 130
    Format : 25 x 28,5 cm
    Photos : Couleur- Noir et blanc
    Assemblage : Relié
    Couverture : Cartonnée - avec jaquette
    Etat : Bon, mais jaquette abîmée
    Contenu : Ad Windig (1912) began his career as a photographer during the war. He was introduced to the principles of the profession by Carel Blazer and Emmy Andriesse, who were already prominent photoraphers. He became associated with a group of photographers who were known later as The Underground Camera.
    Some of the assistants Ad Windig employed in his studio later became well-known photographers themselves: Henny Henriët, Annelies Romein, Ed van der Elsken and Philip Mechanicus.
    Ad Windig supplied photographs for some twenty books and became internationally known through publications in German, English, French and Japanese magazines.
    Ad Windig's way of looking at the world through his Rolleiflex and later his Hasselblad is of lasting importance.
    He did it with a sens of beauty and proportion, with joy and humour, very mildly.
    (Oek de Jong, summary from the Stedelijk Museum bulletin, Amsterdam 1984)

  • SDU Publishers

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